About Us

Our mission is to empower researchers by providing innovative technological solutions and comprehensive support services. We strive to bridge the gap between technology and academia, fostering excellence in research endeavors.

Larchwood Research Ltd. was founded by Dr Adam Stanton, and Dr Kelcey Swain, two academics and researchers who have experience of working on large projects. We know what is required from the funding bodies and we can help you with the public face of your work so you can better communicate your work and get on with the actual research.

Talk to us when you are preparing your funding bid and we can help design a specific online presence for your project which suits the needs of the funding council and the work you are undertaking.

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Email us at contact@larchwoodresearch.com


Dr Adam Stanton

Adam is a seasoned professional in the field of artificial intelligence and evolutionary systems. With a deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies, Adam brings his expertise to support research projects, leveraging AI to unlock new insights and drive innovation.

His research focus is on alternative mechanisms of designing autonomous robot control systems, usually using bioinspired techniques such as artificial evolution and neural networks. His wider interests include the philosophy of living systems (though the field of study, Artificial Life), the application of advanced computational techniques to the life sciences, and the fundamental creative power of evolution itself as applied in natural and artificial contexts.

Outside academia, Adam has managed several successful technology businesses covering support, web development and IT security. He worked as a technology consultant to the media industry and has also designed, developed, and brought to market several innovative products and services in the fields of web development and security. He co-managed a large online b2b retail business and provided business advice and technical expertise to several other new and exciting online brands.


Dr Kelcey Swain

Kelcey is a visionary creative technologist at the intersection of art, technology, and sound. With a passion for pushing boundaries, Kelcey creates immersive experiences that blend art and science, harnessing the power of technology to elevate research projects.

His expertise include data science, GIS, digital storytelling, digital humanities, software development, sound art, sound engineering, and photography.

He has extensive experience working with numerous UKRI-funded projects to design websites, data interfaces, data collection, data management, developing machine learning processing, and creating a range of mapping and digital storytelling material as well as being a patented inventor of a tool for assisting music education in schools.

His background is as a musician and his PhD, from Durham University, is in electroacoustics. He has worked at Sheffield, Bristol, and Keele universities. Kelcey's compositions and sound art can be found at kelceyswain.com