Some projects on which we have worked.

Chatterley Whitfield Online

Chatterley Whitfield Online

Collecting and curating information about England’s largest existing deep colliery site


Public Health, Youth & Violence Reduction

Understanding the reduction of violence in Scotland

Violence involving young people is a huge issue around the world. Recently, England and Wales have seen increases in homicide, knife crime, and hospital admissions. In response, the public health approach to violence reduction, and the introduction of Violence Reduction Units, has gained traction. Interest in this approach stems primarily from Scotland, where radical reductions in violent crime over the last decade have been attributed to the adoption of a public health model.



Maghreb Action on Displacement and Rights

Improving the humanitarian protection of vulnerable, displaced people in contexts of conflict in central Maghreb


Security in Place

Place, Crime and Insecurity in Everyday Life

An ESRC-funded project on 'Place, Crime and Insecurity in Everyday Life'. At the heart of our research is the question of what does it mean to feel secure in Britain today.


Naturalisation Online

Applications for citizenship

An online database of Australian naturalisation applications from women in the early Twentieth-century.


Kelcey Swain

Compositional portfolio

The website of one of Larchwood Research Ltd. directors, Kelcey Swain. It is a portfolio of his recent works including HTML5 video backgrounds, embedded custom audio player and paypal integration.



A performance about coal-mining

Seams—a performance about coal-mining—began as a geopoetics (walking and creative practice) workshop entitled, ‘Memories of Mining’. In June 2018, some of the texts from the exhibition formed the basis of a collaboration between the Dawdlers and participatory performance company, Restoke. Restoke stitched together readings of the ‘Memories of Mining’ texts with dance and music composed specifically for the show. After just 4 days of intense rehearsals, Seams was performed in Keele Chapel to a full house on June 11, 2018. The Dawdlers were joined by 3 professional performers and 16 community volunteers aged between 14 and 78.

Business News in the Atlantic

Business News in the Atlantic World


The concept of 'news' is something that we are all familiar with, and in today's society it exists in many forms. 'News' as we recognise it began to emerge in the early modern period, bolstered by the proliferation, availability, and affordability of printing. Previous studies of the history of news have, quite rightly, emphasised the 'print revolution' as essential in explaining the emergence of a variety of news conduits, including the newspaper.


The Poor Law

Small Bills and Petty Finance 1700 to 1834

Parishes generated tens of thousands of receipts, or ‘vouchers’ listing the goods provided to the poor. The project's ambition is to collect information from over one hundred thousand vouchers, and use this to write over a thousand biographies of both the people who were in receipt of assistance and those involved in delivering goods and services to them.

The Dawdlers

The Dawdlers

Writing place

The Dawdlers are a walking-reading, walking-writing group at Keele University. We combine walking (defined as a range of processes, some of which are bipedal) with creative practices, discussion, sociability and playfulness.


Arts for Advocacy

Creative engagement with forced displacement in Morocco

AHRC and ESRC project, organised by Dr Mariangela Palladino and Dr Laura Jeffery, required a website for presenting the images and videos of artists and musicians. This project is current and ongoing.


Visualising The Genome of Plasmodium

Dynamically-generated figures that show recombination in Plasmodium falciparum (3d7)

These figures were produced for Dr Catherine Merrick's lab as part of a project funded by UK Research Council grants MR/K000535/1 and MR/L008823/1. We designed a custom, data-driven diagramming tool to easily and clearly lay out the features and relationships of interest identified by work in the lab on a circular plot of the Plasmodium genome. Our tool exports high-res images and vector graphics suitable for direct submission as figures with the final manuscript.


Gifta Project

Website and content repository for ESRC-funded project

ESRC project ES/M002586/1, organised by Professor Sangeeta Khorana and Dr Maria Garcia, required a website and content management system to support a series of seminars that aimed to bring together researchers on the topic of free-trade agreements. The project needed a repository for published outputs, a source of news for the GIFTA network, as well as audio and video support and a reliable web presence. We supplied a full-service package comprising domain name, web development, and A/V services as well as five years of high-quality web hosting.