Larchwood Research Ltd.

Digital support for impact and engagement


Our mission is to empower researchers by providing innovative technological solutions and comprehensive support services. We strive to bridge the gap between technology and academia, fostering excellence in research endeavors.

Website Design

Do you want a bespoke content management system for a website? We can provide a fully formed website with custom back-end using Django and Wagtail.

Online Hosting

We have private servers for hosting your website, media, and/or data, so you don't have to deal with a third-party hosting service.

Data Presentation

Data is beautiful! Let the significance of your work speak for itself through clear, dynamic, and data-driven designs. We relish the challenge of finding solutions that maximise impact and efficiency.

Database Management

Does your project come under open access rules? Do you need to show the work behind the work? We can help to create an online, searchable repository for any type of output.

Bespoke Software

Do you need specialist software for your project? We can create smartphone apps, web apps, or computer software for any research needs. We have experience programming for Windows, OSX (and iOS), Linux, and Android.

Podcast Production

Larchwood Research has a professional audio engineer and producer in-house who can help you create podcasts. We can record papers, interviews, conduct field recordings, and more.

YouTube Production

YouTube is an important platform for communication and we work with a freelance documentary maker who can help you engage with new audiences as well as with your peers.


Newspapers, manuscripts, artwork, etc. can be digitised in incredible detail in situ.


We can take professional photographs of your lab, your equipment, or your research team.